Reading 1984

‘Nough said.

But, while we’re in the topic, it is actually my summer reading assignment for AP English. I got my schedule today, which is both a good and bad thing — I got my schedule exactly as I want, so there’s no complaining there, but schools starts soon!! Which is not all bad, but I am just fearing the exhaustion that haunted me last year. I feel like after November I entirely ceased getting enough sleep. I really am hoping I can improve time management and not do that again this year…I also feel like fundamental differences this year will allow me to have more time, as well.

I keep listening to this oddly awesome CD. Okay, most would not call Elizabethan music awesome, but oh my goodness Greensleeves is so catchy. So, really, music from the time of Shakespeare cannot be entirely discounted.

Ahh, and I’ve made progress on that Celtic bag, in which I am just combining a bunch of cool Celtic symbols. I promise it will be cool and I promise to get pictures soon. Speaking of all this stuff I say I will do I still need to write down those patterns…yeah, I’m getting to that.

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Today I finished that hat I was discussing. Please apologize the dearth of decent photography, it was rushed:



It’s simple, but I’m pleased with it. The yarn is a silk/wool blend, so it is very soft and surely will be very warm in the winter, although it’s hard for me to picture that right now while it’s 110 degrees outside.

Today I went about two hours across the state to meet with some students in the National Honor Society of another school. We’re going to co-sponsor our state NHS convention with them this year. I’m very excited, since they all seem very enthusiastic and have many great ideas. It’s also pretty cool, because their school is improving very rapidly, but currently doesn’t have as many resources as ours, so it’s awesome to be able to cooperate on this, since they wouldn’t be able to host the convention themselves.

And thanks very much to Judy for her kind comment!! (:

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Nothing Much

Ahh, so I forgot to mention earlier that I have finished that shopping bag I made from old plastic bags. I will have to post a picture of the finished result soon, because it turned out nicely. I made the arm bands by braiding the plastic…I braided three strands of plastic together to form 9 braids, then braided those together to have three braids, and then braided those last three together. It sounds like a lot of work, but it wasn’t too bad, and it turned out very strong and looking very cool too!

I’ve started work on a new hat. I was considering adding cables or fair isle, but I’m thinking it might be best to just do ribbing all the way up. I don’t know…if anyone has any insight on the latest hat fashions, I’m dying to hear.

I’ve also started a…hmmm…well, I don’t know exactly what it will be yet. I wanted to make a full out bag, but I’m limited in my red yarn, so it may result as some form of pencil case. Anyways, I’m knitting together white and red yarn in Celtic patterns, with a tiny bit of moss stitch along the edges. I’m loving the way it looks, so hopefully I can make it into something useful!

I started filling in the simplest portions of the Common Application today. It did a lot to relieve stress — applying to college really isn’t that intimidating after all, especially when the best schools seem to be the ones that require the least essays and such. I don’t mind writing, but it’s very intimidating to be entirely judged on what you write down. I mean, anyone could turn in anything saying anything…a scary thought indeed. So much weight on just a few words. And the topics…oh, I love to write about interesting things, but it’s always hard to make ME, MYSELF sound like the most fascinating thing. Anyways, there’s a rant for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed. Hmm.

Ah yes, sorry about no pictures this time. I’ve gotten lazy. But I will post pictures soon, of course.

It’s very nice, we’re FINALLY getting a thunderstorm! It’s been so hot and dry. Too much so.

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Experimentation in Fair Isle

So, I’ve made lots of progress on various projects over the weekend. I finished my iPad case, and it looks good! Inmate the sides using the Fair Isle technique, and I used a different shade of grey on each side (many because I had run out of yarn!) but I actually prefer the look. I also made the top closing out of six small grey buttons. They provide enough closure, but were easier to sew in than a zipper.


I’ve also started making a variety of Fair Isle inspired bracelets. I knit a long strip, making a buttonhole at the end, then line it with a cotton fabric and add a button. Since I love to wear bracelets, I really like these. They also give me the opportunity to experiment with different designs without having to spend a lot of time. They take me about 3 hours or so, so they’re pretty quick!



I’ve also started working on a hat. Really, I should be reading my summer reading assignment, or practicing viola, or cleaning my room, but this is all just too fun! I did bake cookies today. I don’t know if that falls into the “productive” or “waste of time” category, but I did quite enjoy that as well. At least I am enjoying my summer! The college applications came out today, and of course I got half a million emails from different places informing me. It just make summer seem like it is ending sooner and sooner…one school district in my area started back to school today (they’ve recently started on year-round schedule), but thankfully I still have almost three full weeks! I do kiss Oregon, where I will still have five weeks at this point. And it’s been well over 100 degrees here every day. In Oregon it’s been 75. Hmph.

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Plastic Shopping Bag

Knit from old plastic bags

So, you might remember that I started making this bag a verrrrrryy long time ago…in 2007, as a matter of fact.  Well, four years later I’ve finally gotten around to finishing it.  Okay, I’m not quite finished yet, but getting close.  As you can see,  I have completed the main body of the bag.  All that’s left are the handles.  I have to say that it went rather well.  It’s actually turning out better than I expected.

So, basically what I did was cut up plastic bags horizontally (so that I was left with loops) and hooked them together, and just knitted from that.  I found newspaper bags to work very nicely, since they’re long and narrow, and easy to cut into loops and hook together.  It makes a material that would be classified as “bulky weight” I believe, and can be a little difficult to knit at times if you’re not careful to knit loosely.

I enjoy this project because it provides a way to reuse plastic before recycling it…recycling is a fantastic way to reduce waste, obviously, but it requires energy, and the more you can reuse something before tossing it out, the better!  Hence the common slogan, “Reduce, REUSE, recycle!”

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Progress on iPad Case

I am making considerable progress on my cables iPad case that I mentioned earlier! I’ve finished the front and back, and now just need to work on making the side panels. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to make a lining, and I have to decide on a closure as well. If I make a lining, I’ll definitely use a zipper to close it, but I’m still unsure.

Here is it currently (sorry if it’s blurry…I used my cell phone camera):


Hopefully it will be done soon! I also started working on the PDF for the pattern, so be expecting that in the Ravelry patterns soon! This is going to be my first pattern to put up there, so I’m very excited! It’s a simple pattern, I admit, but a pattern nonetheless.

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So, I’ve finally decided that I will be sure to keep this blog updated, and I’m excited about it! I’ve suddenly renewed my passion for knitting design, or something like that. So yeah, let’s hope I do well!

Right now I’m working on a few projects — right now I’m designing a cabled iPad case, and I think it’s going pretty well. I’m planning on posting it’s pattern, as well as the pattern for the tote I made a couple of summers ago, on Ravelry very soon (for free, of course)! Time permitting, I hope to design a few more things in time for back-to-school.

I’m going to be a senior in high school this year, so things are going to get awfully busy with college applications, auditions, and stuff like that, but I generally knit for relaxation, so hopefully that won’t be a big problem!

Glad to be back (:

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